Couture Doll Design Challenge Rules

I certainly hope I have covered everything. If there are any questions please email me at so that we can iron out any "bumps" before the competition. After the start of the competition, these rules will have been engraved in stone!!!

The Organizer of the competition is Larraine and can be reached at:

1.  There are 6 challenges. At the end of the 6th the designer with the most points in each division wins First Place in that division.

2.  Designers must submit original designs. Commercial or any other type of purchased patterns are not allowed in the Professional and Intermediate categories. Anyone using patterns will be removed from that individual challenge; subsequent use of patterns will require elimination from the CDDC. Beginners are allowed to use commercial patterns for all challenges.

3. Judges will judge the designs by set of criteria including: 1. Interpretation of Theme (word, words given), 2. Originality, 3. Creativity, 4. Construction, 5. Accessories.

4.  Points will be awarded in values from 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest value and 5 being the highest value.

5.  Designers will have two weeks to complete a challenge.

6.  All entries must be submitted by nine(9)p.m. Pacific Time on the deadline date to: Entries will NOT be accepted after that time. Exceptions can onlybe made under extreme conditions; so please plan your time wisely. Please make sure that you begin submitting your pics early enough that if you do have a computer breakdown or such you can find someone else to submit for you. Failing that, you can contact me on Skype and submit your pics there. My Skype id is Larraine49. Alternate email address if you are having problems getting through to me is Dot at:

7.  There is no set format for this competition, you may choose to design a wardrobe or collection if you please, or you may choose to take each challenge as it comes. This competition is a series of stand alone challenges based on a word or words (Theme) and you may interpret them as a wardrobe or collection or a series of individualized challenges. Each design will be critiqued only on the merit of that design based on the guidelines in Rule #3 (Interpretation of Theme, Originality, Creativity, Construction, Accessories. ).

8.  Doll size – you may use any 10 inch and larger fashion type doll.  This will allow Momoko, Misaki, FR, Barbie and all larger Fashion type dolls.  You may choose to stay with that one doll through-out the challenges, or you may choose to use another 10 to 22 inch doll for specific challenges. Child dolls are not appropriate for these type of challenges.

9.  Entries will be posted  anonymously before judging on the CDDC website by Wednesday following the submission deadline.  Names will appear on entries after the judges have made their comments and points given and submitted to the organizer. After each challenge is completed the pictures for each designer will be moved to their own page, where the CDDC followers may view all of the designer's work to date.

10.  There will officially be three resident judges and one Guest Judge per challenge.

11.  If a designer is unclear about the challenge or how the criteria for a challenge was interpreted, questions for clarification should be directed to the competition organizer: Questions about judges’ decisions should be directed to the competition organizer. Designers are not allowed to contact judges regarding their points or critiques. Questions or serious concerns can be directed privately to the Organizer, but the judges ARE NOT required to reply. This is at the discretion of the judge and Organizer.

12.  Designers should not publicly critique other designers creations.  Polite comments and questions are acceptable. 

13.  Negative comments, harassment of fellow designers, judges, or the competition organizer will not be tolerated and designers who engage in such behaviour will be banned from the remainder of the competition.

14.  Designers will submit up to 6 pictures of their designs. The pictures will include a front, back, side, and inside view, which are required and two artistic photos, which are optional, to the host of the competition for her distribution to the judges and posting on the challenge webpage. Digital photos must be submitted in the following format: 600 pixels in height(see the article on resizing pics here). Designers are reminded that the FDQ magazine will require4x6"(approximately1200 pixels wide by 1803 pixels high) at 300dpi for the winning entry. So designers should keep large copies of their photos on file. Solid backgrounds are recommended.

15. In the front, back, side, and inside pictures, no props unless authorized by Organizer or required in Theme. This contest is about your design so that is what we want to see. Do not clutter your photos up with a lot of props. Accessories are acceptable and differ from props.

16. In the two extra pictures, designers are able to show their photographic skills. The use of props and appropriate backgrounds are encouraged in these two photos.

17. For all photos, photo manipulation is only to be used to resize, refocus, or adjust the brightness/dimness of your original photo. Do not crop in backgrounds nor paint in corrections. Also, do not form a collage of several pictures. It is acceptable to merge together pics of different looks of the same outfit. For example if a designer has designed an outfit with three different looks, it is acceptable for the designer to take pics of all the looks and merge them together into one photo (see example). Each picture needs to stand on its own, and give the judges an honest presentation of your outfit. Overly photoshopped pictures will not be accepted.

18.  Designers are free to sell their creations before the end of the competition.  However they must keep a file of pics of all their designs(in the format stated in Rule 14 above), as the winner will need to submit these pics to FDQ for publication.

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