Challenge Six - Contestant 8

Wow I can't beleive this is the last challange. I was a bit excited for the Avante Guard for Lady Gaga. She is the personafacation of AG, so I did a lot of reseach and web searching, I realized that she has never met a pair of sun glasses or hat that she didn't like. So I've tried to include what I think Lady Gaga would like to wear. I started with a translucent stretch fabric for the body suit and detachable half skirt, I took sunglasses that I had found in my stash of doll stuff and transformed them from hot pink to silver. This gave me the idea that She should have some silver accents to her outfit. I used some fake silver leather for her corset, hat, epaulettes and collar. Every time I added one thing I was led to the next. I haven't figured out how to make shoes or Boots yet so I took a black pair that I already had and embelished them to match the outfit. For her accessories I made her hat, corset, collar and transformed a pair of boots and sunglasses. I have to say that this competition has encouraged me to explore my abilities, I've been doing things that I never thought I could do and for that I'm glad I entered. I've also included a extra picture of the sunglasses for fun.


Photography Challenge