Challenge Six - Contestant 6

Of all the challenges this was probably the hardest one to conceive since we are supposed to create a look for THE Lady Gaga. In the vastness of the possible looks, I remembered that The Lady herself will be coming to my country to have a big concert next month, so I imagined myself designing for her opening number here and what more could express my country's national identity than the Terno, a butterfly sleeved formal dress, and the Kalesa, a horse carriage that is decorated with  colorful flaglettes and other blings. For this challenge I started out with a clean color palette, beige, cream and white to offset the otherwise flamboyant shape of the outfit. The sleeves are reminiscent of the Terno. The whole outfit is made of Jusi, an indigenous fabric and velvet panels. as for the embellishment, I opted for texture not shine so I used squared shells to use as breaker from the semi sheer fabric. Saran hair fringes finishes the look, I also made the Hoof shoes with tail, and the horse headpiece/wig to make the look more cohesive and utterly show stopping ready.



Photography Challenge