Challenge Six - Contestant 5

Not being totally familular with Avant Garde, I did some research and found myself drawn to examples that were colorful, over the top, played with mixing patterns and texutres, knitwear, interesting silhouettes and featured some volume. Since our client has been wearing lots of black and simple clothing lately, I decided to make her a party dress that was not only avant garde but young, fun, flirty and not so serious. She has some sparkle with a bulky necklace and pink stud earrings and ring that add a pop of color to the outfit. Snake skin dress with clear vinyl cut outs, multi color knit tights, cinderblock heels with beaded details, a beaded hair piece and a clear vinyl clutch with translucent stitching complete the look. Inside her clutch is a juicy octopus, so that she has some protein to snack on at the after party while drinking and dancing. I took the advice of the judges and tried to pay attention to finishing my garnment and used hooks and snaps instead of velcro for this look. :)


Photography Challenge