Challenge Six - AG for GG

Guest Judges - Matt Sutton and Matt Trujillo



The Challenge:

Your final challenge will be what this competition is all about...Avant Garde(AG) and who better to inspire you to the heights of Avant Garde, but the embodiment of AG herself...Lady Gaga.  This superstar is Avant Garde to the max with a little splash of fantasy to keep everyone on their toes and speaking of toes don't forget those Gaga shoes.  Wherever she goes Lady G goes there in Avant Garde style.  Heck I'd like to bet that she wears AG to take out her garbage!!!  With that in mind your final challenge is to design an outfit that would suit Lady G to a T.






Contestant 1

George Macias


Contestant 6

Cholo Ayuyao - Winner

Contestant 13

Anita Stoklosa


Contestant 2

Ann Minosky


Contestant 7

Julia Rebeskova


Contestant 14

Suyanee Wongchotwiriyakit - Winner


Contestant 3

Sue Townson


Contestant 8

Joe Coloff




Contestant 4

Vicky Lujan-Gibbs


Contestant 9

Anna Kadachegova




Contestant 5

Kevin Roberts - Winner


Contestant 10

Mark Tinkey





Contestant 11

Olga Ermolaeva





Contestant 12

Elena Prokhorova