Challenge One - BE A SPORT!

Guest Judge - Dal Lowenbein

The Challenge:

This challenge is sure to have you running a few laps around the internet to research this up and coming trend. Fashion forecasters have predicted that this year's Spring designs will favour the sporty look but in a couture way. Your first challenge is to design an outfit that has a sporty flair but is definitely in the couture realm. What we are asking here is for couture, not ready to wear, so be careful here to keep your design in the couture realm. Beginners may use a pattern to "design" their outfit. Even when using a pattern, Beginners, the judges will expect you to put your own signature into it. On your marks, get set...GO!!!





Contestant 1

Dmitry Puzanov

Contestant 8

Anj Calvo

Contestant 18

Maria Ustynovska

Contestant 2

Ann Minosky

Contestant 9

Olga Ermolaeva

Contestant 19

Gordana Niemela

Contestant 3

Kevin Roberts

Contestant 10

Julia Peshkova

Contestant 20

Cynda Woffenden

Contestant 4

Agarva Moller

Contestant 11

Mark Tinkey

Contestant 21

Suyanee Wongchotwiriyakit

Contestant 5

Theo Malloy

Contestant 12

Cholo Ayuyao - Winner

Contestant 22

Anita Stoklosa - Winner

Contestant 6

Vicky Lujan-Gibbs

Contestant 13

Joe Coloff

Contestant 23

Anna Lipka

Contestant 7

Sue Townson - Winner

Contestant 14

Elena Prokhorova





Contestant 15

Anna Kadachegova

Contestant 16

Breck Sullivan-Carpenter

Contestant 17

Julia Rebeskova